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We Make Your Space Work to Meet the Needs of Property Owners and Tenants

Complete Construction offers more than new commercial construction and remodels. We also, provide commercial tenant finish services to make spaces workable for your specific business needs. With over 31 years of construction experience in Colorado, we have the knowledge and expertise to complete your tenant improvements on time and on budget.

Complete Construction works with your team to determine the goals for your commercial space. We work together to create a plan that meets your needs and timeline. Our goal is solid and clear communication to avoid costly errors and increase client satisfaction.

Our team of licensed general contractors and skilled laborers work together to implement the latest in code requirements and technology advancements. This helps give you a work space that is modern, relevant and functional.

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Types of Sample Tenant Finish Projects

  • Office Reconfiguration

  • Add or Remove Walls

  • Ceiling or Lighting Updates

  • Brand Repositioning Changes

  • New Tenant Requirements

  • Multifamily Turnover Procedures



What are Tenant Finish Projects?

A tenant finish project is a construction management process to transform a space to fit the needs of a new tenant in an existing space. This can be a total overhaul of a building or office, or it can be small-scale changes to make the space align with the new number of employees or brand image.

For example, if a leased building transitions from a dentist office to an eye doctor, changes will be necessary to fit the needs of the new tenant. This is also true with warehouse construction, restaurant construction and more.

What May be Included in a Tenant Finish Project?

Tenant finish projects can vary greatly. It’s mainly dependent on the amount of change needed for a space when the tenant turns over the space. It can be as simple as reconfiguring cubicles and electrical outlets or as complex as a small remodel.

Tenant finish projects can include both interior and exterior building updates. Some common changes are:

  • Commercial Entrance Doors

  • Commercial Interior Doors

  • Commercial Flooring, including office carpet and tile

  • Staff and Customer Bathrooms

  • Commercial Kitchen Reconfiguration

  • Warehouse Storage Layout

  • Electrical and Lighting Updates

  • Plumbing Changes

Quick and Effective Time Frames for Commercial Tenant Improvements

At Complete Construction, we have the experience to know that the turnaround time for commercial tenant improvements needs to happen quickly. The longer the turnover process takes, the more it costs your business in lost revenue.

With this in mind, we work together to create a solid and realistic plan to complete your project not only quickly, but also effectively. We want property owners and tenants to be back on track for success!

Integrity You Can Trust – Tenant Improvement Specialists

With over 31 years in the construction management field, Complete Construction operates with integrity and proven results. Our team of tenant improvement contractors put client satisfaction, safety and results as our top priorities.

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