Office Remodels – Create a Workspace that Drives Results

Proven Results in Office Remodel Construction to Develop Effective and Functional Workspaces

With over 31 years of construction management experience in Colorado, Complete Construction effectively creates functional workspaces through office remodels. Whether you’re moving into a new space or reconfiguring an existing space, Complete Construction has the skill set to get your project completed on time and on budget.

At Complete Construction, we start with a consultation to understand your specific commercial remodel needs. A customized cost estimate is developed and a project outline created to address the goals for your office remodel project.

We are commercial construction specialists that understand that tight timelines for construction upgrades and remodels are critical to keep your business on track. From cubical reconfiguration to staff bathroom and kitchen upgrades, we’re your best choice to get the job done right. Contact Complete Construction to discuss your commercial remodel project.



Commercial Office Remodel Services

  • Office break room or staff kitchen remodel
  • Cubical reconfiguration

  • Office building rebranding and tenant finishes

  • Upgraded storage areas

  • Lobby and conference room upgrades
  • Office bathroom remodels
  • Office reception desk and entrance remodels

What is an Office Remodel?

A commercial office remodel is an upgrade or reconfiguration of an office space. This can occur at a corporate office, small business office, medical office, school administrative facilities and more.

At Complete Construction, we have the experience and knowledge to successfully complete a large variety of office remodel projects. In fact, with our solid communication, proven track record and licensed general contractors, we are uniquely positioned to take on office remodels in the Denver Metro area.

What May be Included in an Office Construction Remodel Project?

Office construction remodel projects will differ based on the unique needs of the client and the requirements for the office building. As office contractors, we understand the importance of staying on a solid timeline to minimize disruptions to the office environment, including for staff and customers. Our team can work with you to develop a project plan, including office renovation ideas.

Office building renovation projects can include both interior and exterior building updates. Some common projects are:

  • Office door and office glass door replacement

  • Commercial interior door upgrades

  • Office window replacement and repairs

  • Floor replacement, including office carpet, commercial linoleum, vinyl flooring and other business flooring

  • Dental and medical office specific upgrades

  • Cubical reconfiguration

  • Electrical and plumbing work

  • Lighting redesign and installation

Quick and Effective Time Frames for Commercial Office Remodel Upgrades

At Complete Construction, we prioritize projects on tight timelines, like when office remodels occur in occupied spaces. We know that the longer a remodel takes, the more your employees and customers will be inconvenienced. We want to improve your business while keeping your overall business goals in mind.

At Complete Construction, we work with our clients to create a solid and realistic plan to complete your project not only quickly, but also effectively. Let us help you improve your space and keep your business on track for success!

Quality You Can Trust for Office Remodels

With over 31 years of construction project management experience, we operate with integrity and quality at the core of every project. Our team of office renovation contractors put client satisfaction, safety and results at the top of our priority list.

Contact the office remodel specialists at Complete Construction to set up a consultation for your next office remodel project.