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Commercial Remodeling Experience You Can Count On

Commercial Remodeling

For over 31 years, Complete Construction has completed commercial remodel projects in Colorado. With over 500 commercial remodel projects completed, Complete Construction has the experience and expertise to get your commercial remodel project done on-time and on-budget.

Commercial renovation projects require the expertise of a commercial renovation contractor. At Complete Construction, we are licensed general contractors with the specialized knowledge to accurately manage all types of commercial remodel projects, both large and small.

Remodel projects often include unforeseen work requirements that may be time-consuming and lead to unplanned work. We are honest from the start and advise clients to create a renovation budget to account for the possibility of extra requirements.

With commercial remodeling projects, clients need to get their business up and running to become operational. We understand these time pressures. Our years of experience help us to work effectively to complete the project with all the local codes and client requirements on track.

Types of Commercial Remodeling Projects

  • Corporate Office Remodeling
  • Medical Building Remodeling
  • Restaurant Remodeling
  • Hotel and Hospitality Remodeling
  • Multifamily Housing Remodeling
  • Industrial Remodeling
  • Warehouse Remodeling
  • School Remodeling
  • Airport Facility Remodeling
  • Retail Store Remodeling



Commercial Remodeling Services

  • Planning and Design
  • Pricing and Bidding
  • Engineering and Purchasing of Materials
  • Structural Repair and Redesign
  • Rebuilding
  • Total Project Management

Commercial Remodeling Construction Process

The process for commercial remodeling includes the entire renovation of either the interior or exterior of an existing building. Because we are dealing with an existing structure, each project is unique. At Complete Construction, we have the experience to handle a variety of projects.

We are here to manage your commercial remodel every step of the way with our proven project management solutions. We bring our expertise and knowledge to the commercial remodel construction process.

Transparent and Effective Communication

The foundation of our process is solid communication. Transparent and effective communication helps to increase client satisfaction and reduce unnecessary errors. Both of which saves time and money. From the initial consultation to the completion of your commercial remodel, our seamless process allows the client to voice your needs and track project process.

Skill and Safety Driven

Our team includes licensed general contractors and skilled laborers that are specialized in commercial remodels. We stay up-to-date on the latest construction science trends and technology to ensure your project produces lasting results. Safety is a top priority for our team, subcontractors and visitors. With our focus on skill and safety, we ensure satisfactory project results.

Choose the Right Commercial Remodeling Company

Remodeling projects usually move much quicker than new construction, to get your business back up and running. Complete Construction’s years of professional construction experience make us experts in commercial remodeling.

The depth of our project portfolio and satisfied clients provide a track record you can trust. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for your upcoming commercial remodeling project.