Commercial Building Construction – Build Your Company’s Future

Trusted Experience and Quality for New Commercial Construction Projects


For over 31 years, Complete Construction has built new commercial projects in Colorado. With over 500 ground-up commercial construction projects completed, Complete Construction has the experience and expertise to get your new construction project done on-time and on-budget.

Complete Construction uses cutting edge construction processes that allow us to make your vision a reality. Whether your project is big or small, Complete Construction can provide you with the new construction services needed for your new business project to succeed.

We specialize in start to finish commercial building construction projects. Our committed team of construction professionals are dedicated to client satisfaction. Our organized and agile system for building construction helps to create accurate schedules and cost estimates. We incorporate innovative design and the latest technologies in construction science to build lasting and relevant commercial spaces.

Types of New Commercial Construction Projects

  • Corporate Office Construction
  • Medical Building Construction
  • Restaurant Construction
  • Hotel and Hospitality Construction
  • Multifamily Housing Construction
  • Industrial Construction
  • Warehouse Construction
  • School Construction
  • Airport Facility Construction
  • Retail Store Construction



New Commercial Construction Services

  • Planning and Development
  • Pre-Construction Services
  • Total Project Construction and Building
  • Post-Construction Services

Commercial Building Construction Process

The process for ground-up commercial building construction is often more complex than other construction projects because of the scale and business team approval process. However, the basic outline for commercial new construction is standard. We support our clients throughout the process from the planning phase until move-in to ensure project success and satisfaction.

We are there every step of the way to manage your commercial construction process with our proven project management solutions. Complete Construction brings our years of industry knowledge to the commercial building construction process.

Skill and Safety Driven

As licensed general contractors with certifications for specialties and skills within construction industry standards, we offer proven experienced backed by skilled labor. We focus on safety for our team, subcontractors and visitors to the project site. As a skilled and safety focused operation, we help ensure satisfactory project completion.

Accurate Schedules and Cost Estimates

Many different factors impact both schedules and costs for commercial construction. However, we work hard to meet schedule guidelines on budget. We understand that with commercial construction projects, our job is to help you build a solid foundation for your next business venture. Accurate schedules and cost estimates help you keep your business growth on track.

Choose the Right Company for Your Commercial Construction Project

Get it right from the start! For both large and small new commercial construction projects, Complete Construction’s proven past performance makes us the right company for you. Our project portfolio and satisfied clients offer a track record you can trust. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for your upcoming commercial building construction project.